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A week on the Amalfi coast

A week on the Amalfi coast

Last summer we were lucky enough to get 6 weeks off work, and we spent most of that time road tripping around Italy and France (I know, it's a tough life). We decided to spend a week each in the Amalfi coast, the Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Umbria. Travelling with small children was not without its challenges, but like most things, even though it was hard sometimes it was worth it to see new places and have new experiences as a family.

On the Amalfi coast we stayed in a small village called Conca dei Marini, about a 10-minute drive from the town of Amalfi. We booked very last minute, and in retrospect we chose a pretty topographically challenging location, high up a hillside with what felt like a thousand steps to navigate up to our little house. The house itself had spectacular views over the Mediterranean and down the coast towards Positano, but one key lesson was learned: when travelling with small kids, try and stay somewhere relatively flat! (Holiday in Holland, anyone?)

The beach in Conca dei Marini was accessible only by catching a minibus down to the bottom of the hill and then walking down a number of huge flights of stairs. It was such a challenge that most days we ended up driving early in the morning to Amalfi, which had a large underground car park and is mostly flat in the town itself, and swimming at the town beach there.

We also did a number of day trips in the region — my favourite was probably Ravello, in the Amalfi hinterland, but another highlight was a long-awaited trip to Pompeii, which I'd never been to. (Top tip for parents: don't bother with buggies or strollers as Pompeii is mostly cobbled, and you'll spend the whole time wishing for a back carrier!) That aside, it's an incredible place — I've never visited a Roman site before where you get such a sense of people's daily lives.




Villa Cimbrone, Ravello




Conca dei Marini

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